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Maine law requires completion of a course to obtain your adult license unless you have previously held an adult trapping license.  
Can't find a course for your area? 
Trapping Courses - 10 hours minimum
Current List (Updates can be seen at the Maine IFW website, they update their site every Friday):

 Trapping Law Summary for 2021-2022.  Refer to IFW website for official trapping laws and changes to trapping rules.


The links below will take you to the Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website for specific information:

State of Maine Hunting & Trapping Laws and Rules. Season dates for hunting and trapping are revised annually.

Maine Trapping License Information


These rules apply to all road users.

1. Obey all posted speed limits and signs. Maximum speed is 45 mph.
2. Seat belt use mandatory for all operators.
3. Be prepared to stop at all checkpoints and reduce speed not to exceed 10 MPH.
4. Lights on for safety.
5. In areas of limited visibility always drive on the right side of the road and reduce speed.
6. All drivers must have a valid state or provin cial driver's license with the appropriate rating for the vehicle they are operating.
7. All vehicles yield right of way to loaded trucks. All traffice yield to equipment working in road, pass only after operator's acknowledgement.
8. For addition safety, drivers should use MURS radios to call out mile markers and landmarks. Be aware that communication systems are sometimes unreliable and are not a substitute for prudent driving. Marine Radios are not allowed!
9. Drivers must be in control of their vehicles at all times.
10. All vehicles operating on logging roads must be in mechanically safe condition for the work that is being accomplished.
11. Load weights must be within the safe design capacity of the turck.
12. All pieces of wood must be below the height of a minimum of two stakes.
13. A minimum of two chains or straps must be used to secure each tier of wood (tree lenght loads are required to have a minimum of three chains or straps)

These are minimum standards on industrial logging roads. Appropriate local, state and provincial laws apply to all other road systems

These RULES OF THE ROAD supported by:
Clayton Lake Woodlands, GP Maine Dept of Conservation
The Nature Conservancy Huber Resources Corp
Dunn Timberland Inc St Aurelie Timberland Co Ltd
Plum Creek Irving Woodlands LLc
Prentiss and Carlisle Mgmt Co. Seven Islands Land Co
Stetson Timberland Inc Wagner Forest Mgmt Ltd
Katahdin Forest Mgmt LLC