Lifetime Achievement & Hall of Fame Awards

Wally Barron
Wally received the MTA LIfetime Achievement Award for his many years of service.. He designed the chapter concept for the MTA.

Emery 'Curly' Fournier of Lewiston.

Robert Pomeroy
Bob was a trapper and a fur buyer. He purchased many, many furs from local trappers and was always there to help out a new young trapper.

Walter L. Arnold
  The first Hall of Fame Award recipient. Walter was one of the founders of the Maine Trappers Association. He held the offices of President for 1 year, Treasurer for 6 years, Editor for 8 years and Secretary for 3 years. After WWI, he started his lure business. He was the first man to advertise and sell lure-making ingredients. His catalog went out across the country. He wrote several books on trapping and taught many young trappers. He was a true mountain man.
Walter passed in July 1980.

Carl & Marge Tripp
​Carl and Marge Tripp stood with the Maine Trappers Assoc. through thick and thin. Carl was as intent at courting Marge as he was for trapping and she finally agreed after a two year courtship and never regretted it in the 50 years they were together. Out of their marriage came two fine sons, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Carl was born a trapper and was setting up in great style at the age ofnine. Over the years, his partners were Jack Nason, John Irving, Steve Plummer and Chuck Wood. But his greatest rrapping partner was Marge. She went on the trapline before the boys were even old enough for school. After they were about grown she again travelled the woods with Carl.

Marge and Carl were always a twosome and usually had their pets with them. Carl belonged to Chapter 4W and was a Director at the time of his sudden death. He was quick to offer information on trapping and always encouraged the youngsters. 

Norman Gray
  The founder of the 4W Chapter in Fryeburg and was a chapter officer. He was the Maine director for the National Trappers Association from 1983 to 1991 when he passed away. He served on many committees.

David Haley
A sportsminded man who believed in following the rules. He supported trapper training and believed the young people are the trappers hopes of tomorrow.  
Dave spent many many years as a trapper and supporter of the MTA. He was vice president and then president and director of the 4W Chapter and kept it alive for many years. David helped make the MTA educational booth at the Fryeburg Fair a success, with the gun raffle being a major fundraiser for the MTA.

Oscar Cronk
  Elected president of MTA in 1963, Oscar held that position until 1978. The membership during that period grew from 50 to more than 1,200. He is credited with keeping together the association in the years of low interest.

Neil Olson
  A trapper and fur buyer, Neil has hosted the New England Trappers Weekend at his property in Bethel since the late 1960s. The event is attended by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. Trapping is promoted and many educational demonstrations are given during the weekend. Neil attends the local Maine auctions as a fur buyer and continues to support the MTA.

Daniel McAllister
  Dan served as MTA president for two terms, 81-83, developed several trapping education tools: Utilizing Maines Fur Resources,The History of Trapping, and a flipchart used in school programs. Dan worked to insure the MTA would remain on good financial footing when membership was down. Among the financial accounts developed were the MTA Lifetime membership program, the Legislative and Conservation funds. Dan runs the Central Maine Chapter fur auctions and has for many years, he mans the booth at the PCCA sportsmens show, has taught numerous trapper training course and puts on demos, just to name a few of his MTA related activities.


1999 (no award given)

Merritt Kimball
  Merritt trapped for about 70 years and bought fur for over 60 of those years. Promoting raw furs, trapping and trappers, Merritt did much to influence the wild fur industry. He always took the time to show young trappers how to handle their furs. He traveled all over the state buying furs, through thick and thin, high prices and low prices. Merritt was appointed to the first MTA board of directors in 1973 and he volunteered many years of his time. He was an MTA lifetime member.

Irene Alieff
Secretary/Treasurer for 17 years. The total taken in for MTA dues in 1959 was $46. Mrs. Alieff received no dues in 1960. In 1961, she sent out a letter appealing to all members to pay their dues so they could afford t send out a newsletter. Mrs. Alieff continued to send letters out periodically asking for dues and informing members of events.
The Alieff's, especially Irene, are credited by many as holding the Association together during the lean years. It is interesting to note that neither John nor Irene trapped, but felt strongly about Maine citizens having the right to trap.

Earl Dutch
A life-long fisher and fox trapper, Earl was very active supporter of the MTA and trapping. 


James Day

Gary Day

Bill Spear
A long time trapper and fur buyer who always supported the MTA though he lived out of state. During the recent Bear referendum fight when Neil Olson donated $1000 toward the cause, Bill walked up and handed in a check for $1001 just so he could beat Neil. Bill attended many, many fur auctions in Maine to buy Maine fur.

Wilmot "Wiggie" Robinson
  Wiggie was a lifetime memer of the MTA and a Charter member of the Katahdin Chaper. He got into trapping in the mid 1960's when his son Michael, at the age of 12, asked for help trapping muskrats. They became a team and trapped hundreds of muskrats every year. Wiggie volunteered his time to help trappers and promote trapping. He was also a registered Master Maine Guide, served as executive director of SAM for many years and more recently, was co-host of the radio show 'The Maine Outdoors' where he continued to keep trapping and its issues in the spotlight. (Wiggie passed in June 2007)

Ronald Ingersol
At age 10, Ron's father taught him to trap muskrats. At age 87, he is still trapping. Ron has been involved with MTA for over 30 years and was always helping out through his chapter. He is a great ticket salesmen. He has done hundreds of demos at trapping events to pass on his knowledge to new trappers and is still happy to go along with anyone who wants to learn.


Henry Binette
  Henry was a well known trapper and fur buyer in Patten. He loved hunting and fishing. He was the president of the MTA Southern Aroostook Chapter, former president of the Patten Snowmobile Club; and a Maine guide. He organized several MTA Rendezvous. He helped put on a series of trapping seminars for 1200 boy scouts at Mattawamkeag Wilderness Park.  Henry brought humor and laughter to every event he attended. Whether it was teaching boyscouts about trapping or running the MTA fundraising auction, Henry never failed to entertain everyone and supported trapping all of his life. (Henry passed in June 2007.)

Ray Porter

Leo Keiffer
​Senator Keiffer, a member of the Aroostook Chapter and the MTA, and a long time trapper and supporter of trapping and the MTA.

Lee LaBelle 
An officer of the Union River Chapter for a lot of years. As part of that chapter, Lee helped plan and construct the trappers cabin at Leonards Mills Living History Museum. He's attended many meetings, worked at the Sportsmens show and Blue Hill fair MTA booths, served on many committees and has always supported trapping and the MTA.

Joe Powers
​Joe served as MTA president for 4 years. He then served as treasurer for 8 years Along with that, he served on numerous committees as well as the Sportsmen Forest Landowner Alliance.

Dave Wilson
​Served as MTA vice president for 3 terms. Organized the MTA Fall Rendezvous in Sidney, served as an officer for an MTA chapter, and supported trapping and the MTA.

Norman 'Skip' Trask
​Skip served as Legislative Liaison for 16 years. He fought fight after fight, working as many as 80 hours a week during a legislative session. He has supported trapping and the MTA for many, many years.

2014 - Lifetime Achievement
Richard Hamor

2014 -Lifetime Achievement
Ted Perkins

2014 - Hall of Fame
Ken Huntington

2015 - Jerry Lebou

2016 ​- Don Dudley

MTA Award Winners
Wiggie & Miss Maine

Henry Binette
Dave Wilson
Ron Ingersol
Marge & Carl Tripp
Norm Gray
Wally Barron
Ken Huntington
Walter L. Arnold ​Trapper of the Year Award

  • 1979  Norman Gray         (1st)
  • 1980  Bruce Gould
  • 1981  Sue Baldwin
  • 1982  Steve Plummer
  • 1833  Bob Jenny
  • 1984  Daniel McAllister
  • 1985  Carl Tripp
  • 1986  Bob King
  • 1987  Russ Denis
  • 1988  Bob and Sandi Emerson
  • 1989  Bill Thompson
  • 1990  Penny Keyes
  • 1991  Lloyd & Wendy Williams
  • 1992  Bryant Poors
  • 1993  Earl Ramsdell
  • 1994  Henry Binette
  • 1995  Eldon McLean
  • 1996  Jerry LeBeau
  • 1997  Jeff Brooks            (19th)
  • 1998  Rick & Marie Varney
  • 1999  Gary Rogers
  • 2000  Jerry Collier
  • 2001  Dana Johnson Jr.
  • 2002  Fred Turner
  • 2003  Scott Rudge
  • 2004  Richard Perry
  • 2005  Linda Bridges
  • 2006  Jay Stott
  • 2007  James Arsenault
  • 2008  Jerry McLaughlin
  • 2009  Peter Gerard
  • 2010  (not awarded)
  • 2011  Dana Johnson Sr
  • 2012  Millard Wardwell
  • 2013  Al Pinkham
  • ​2014  George Blaney
  • 2015 George Libby
  • 2016 Brett Patten
2012 Millard Wardwell
Dana 'Hank' Johnson Jr.
Fred Turner 2002
Richard Perry 
Peter Gerard
Jerry McLaughlin
Earl Ramsdell 1993
Jeff Brooks 1997
Henry Binette 1994
Marie & Rick Varney 1998
Gary Rogers 1999
Jerry LeBeau 1996
Bruce Gould 1980
Sandi & Bob Emerson 1988
Dan McAllister 

Bill Thompson 1989