Many trappers trapping in the lands under the jurisdiction of the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) think it allows them to use a five (5) day check when trapping with drowning sets and/or body grip traps.

This is not entirely true, as a five (5) day check is only authorized in those areas that are “unorganized”. Some areas under the jurisdiction of LURC are not “unorganized”. In these areas a three (3) day check is required.

The two listings below are
(1) of the “unorganized” townships that allows a 5 day check and
(2) is a listing of those Plantations and Towns within LURC jurisdiction that requires a 3 day check.

As these listings are comprehensive and published by individuals, it is possible that they could contain an error. They are provided for guidance only and may also be updated periodically as changes become known. It is the responsibility of the individual trapper to verify the correct status and the boundaries of those specific areas being trapped to ensure compliance with the law.

Lists and map are PDF files. Please click on links to view.
MAP:  State of Maine, Department of Conservation, Land Use Regulation Commission Jurisdiction