Rendezvous 2013

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Thank you 2013 Rendezvous participants for supporting the Maine Trappers Association - MTA Members, please support the vendors that support us'
List of Rendezvous Participants:

Al Pinkham, Pinkham's Stretcher Boards, 207.215.5849

Christina Burdwood - Lobo Embroidery

Lee Smith - US Sportman Alliance -

David Trahan - Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

Alan Huot - Wildlife Control Supplies

Ken Huntington - Ken's Furs 207.847.5074

Mike Melcher - Bushwhacker Trapping Supplies 207.562.7012

Jeremy Florin - Florin Trapping Supplies

Tom Stevens - Steven's Fur Company 207.843.5052

Jerry LeBeau - Jerry's Trapping Supply 207-635-2054

Bill Mackowski - and NAFA

​Toby Edwards - Fur Harvesters

​Russel & Rachel Dubois - Upcountry Snowshoes

​Kevin Davidson - Northeast Trapping Supplies

​Jerry Braley - Jeb's Best Call Lure 207.884.8065 or 207-944-9029

Christian Carlson - Moose River Lures

​Steve Morin - Full Response Scents

Harry Smith - Trapping Supplies & Used Traps 207.215.5546

Carlene Nickel - Creations and Crafts 207.437.5052

Brenda Blair - Tobs Magnetics 207.426.8423

Elaine Bolen - Ellie's Attic 207-437-4115

Tim Caverly - Allagash Tails

Steve Pinkham - Old Tales of the Maine Woods

John DePue - Maine IF&W

The Ancient Ones of Maine -

Windsor Historical Society -

​Phippsburg Sportsmen's Association -

Berlin City Auto Group -

Al Pinkham's stretchers and supplies
Al Pinkham, Trapper of the Year 2013
The Ancient Ones camp
The Ancient Ones camp
The Ancient Ones camp
Berlin City Auto Group
The gardens at the fairgrounds were still in bloom
Floral displays at the fairgrounds.
Gary Sewell - MTA Editor since 2002, has stepped down from his position.
Jerry LeBeau
Some people just know how to have fun.....Denny Larson, Toby Edwards, Neil Olson
Oscar Cronk demo
WCS Wildlife Control Supplies, East Granby CT, Alan Huot
David Trahan from SAM
Ted Perkins helping a member at the MTA booth with John Morgan
Thanks to Emily's Restaurant for their great food service!